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Bericht von Popyeni und Senderela

Senderela und Popyeni studieren am Monitronic Success College in Otjiwarongo. Corona bedingt wurden viele Klassen auf Online Unterricht umgestellt, doch einige finden auch vor Ort statt. Die beiden leben im Hostel in Otjiwarongo. Dieses ist zentral gelegen, so dass sie nur kurze Wege zum College, zur Bibliothek und in die Stadt haben.

Bericht Senderela

Stipendien Namibia

Hier berichtet Senderela von ihrem Studium, welches sie im Dezember 2022 abschließen wird.

„I am Sendrela Goaxas and I am currently enrolled at Monitronic Success College as a second year student at Otjiwarongo campus im doing „Secretarial and administrative studies“ – Level 5 course. I will obtain a diploma upon my graduation. I am very optimistic about my future. I hope that all my efforts will pay off and that I will find a job.

My subjects in level 5 are:

  • Business legal documentation
  • Business legal and regulatory environment.
  • Managing customers and interpersonal skills.
  • Accounting.

I am based at Nazareth Greenwood College and share my room with Popyeni. As we are both distance students we attend online classes. They are schedule from 8:30am to until 1pm. After that we are basically busy with our assignments and reading notes.

Some days we walk to our campus library to get some modules to complete our assignments.  We are having a lot of school work and working hard on our studies.

I am very thankful to get this scholarship. This is the only chance for me to study.

Bericht Popyeni

Popyeni wird ihr Studium im Juli 2023 beenden.

Stipendium Namibia

„I am Popyeni Hoaes and currently a student at Monitronics Success College at Otjiwarongo campus. I am doing a certificate in „Secretarial and administrative studies“ – Level 4 course. After completing my certificate I want to continue my studies to level 5 so  that I get a diploma. I have the determination to study comprehensively and I have the strong desire to achieve my goals.

In level 4 we are having a lot of subjects – so we have to study a lot. Especially Business Math is challenging me.

  • Business english and report writing
  • Business math
  • Introduction to Business
  • Introduction to Business communication
  • Computer literacy
  • Business organisation
  • Business management
  • Introduction to Business
  • Business office skills
  • Help desk and problem solving
  • Office administration.

Thank You for your continuing support and that I am having the opportunity to study! I really appreciate it and I am taking this chance to build up a future.“

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